Judiciary Batch

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judiciary classes

Course Highlights

• Complete course for Prelims, Mains & Interview • All major acts, minor acts, local laws, english, current affairs

Subjects covered

  1. Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC)
  2. Indian Penal Code (IPC)
  • Evidence Act
  1. Civil Procedure Code (CPC)
  2. Law of Contract
  3. Law of Torts
  • Law of Limitation
  • Transfer of Property Act
  1. Specific Relief Act
  2. Arbitration and Conciliation Act
  3. Hindu Law (Marriage, Succession, Guardianship, etc)
  • Muslim Law (Marriage, Succession, Maintenance, etc)
  • Other Personal Laws
  • Constitutional Law
  1. Administrative Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • International Law
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Negotiable Instruments Act
  1. Registration Act
    1. Company Law
    2. Partnership Act
    • SPECIAL AND LOCAL LAWS of Various States [i.e. UP, MP, Haryana, Rajasthan, J&K, Himachal, etc]
    1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE AND CURRENT AFFAIRS [i.e. Indian Polity, History, Geography, Indian Economy, Science and Tech, International Affairs
    2. LANGUAGE [Essay Writing in both languages, Hindi Translation, English Translation, Precis Writing, Comprehension,]

Course Duration: 1 Year


Course Validity: 18 months


Course Fee: • Offline: Rs. 75,000 • Online: Rs. 37500

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